About Killer

My real name is John, although I picked up the nickname Killer just after graduating from Arizona State University.  I think I was 24 or something…yes, I was on the 6 year plan.  College in those days was a lot of fun, you would be prosecuted today for some of the accepted things we participated in back in the 70’s.  Anyway, back to the reason for Killer.  It involves a big guy (me) standing on a chair trying to kill a rodent with a 5 iron.  Picture that.  How does a 6’2″ guy swat at something on the floor with a 38 inch 5 iron while standing on a 2 foot chair?  It’s sort of impossible!  My roommate started calling me Killer, which is the very last thing I had on my mind when I first spotted the little varmint.  Enough of that…what about Killer Eatz?

I am not a trained chef.  I do love to try new things in the kitchen and love to eat (which you would immediately pick up on if you saw me).  I usually spend my weekends trying new recipes while my wife is at work.  Yes, someone has to work weekends in our house.  She is in the wine business…manages a tasting room in Paso Robles California.  The kids are away at college, so I find myself standing over the cooktop or firing up one of my 4 BBQ’s every weekend…Yes ladies, it’s OK for the hubby to have 4 BBQ’s.  That’s what it takes to create Killer Eatz!   As I said before, I am not a trained chef, although I have worked in a few positions in the restaurant business. For about 4 months, I worked two shifts a week on the cook line at lunch for the restaurant that is part of the golf facility I manage.  The staff kept looking for the cameras…they thought they were on Undercover Boss!  That experience made me realize how hard it is to prepare a lot of  different food items coming out at the same time vs. putting out a lot of the same food at the same time.  My hat is off to all line cooks in the world!

My cooking will vary with my mood.  I have visited France, Italy, and recently spent two weeks in Thailand.  You might catch me making a curry pancetta pizza or a duck confit pad thai.  I am not afraid to try new things, and I will cook whatever I damn well please since I will eat just about anything!  I have also been experimenting with smoking meats in my Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker…a must for every backyard BBQ lover. I keep a small vat of bacon grease in my fridge for greasin up pans and adding to sauces.  You might be thinking by now that I am not leaning to healthy cooking based on my love of smoked meats and rendered pork fat.  Wrong!  I love tofu and it tastes great sauteed in some bacon grease!  Everything in moderation, right?

Anyway, I hope you like reading about my experiences creating killer things to eat.  Let me know what you think. Remember, if it kills ya, at least you’ll go out happy!

John (Killer)